Another blabbing about another stranger(s).

Couple days back, I read sister Aeda wrote about how a random stranger can sometime made your day. And today I found a stranger that really had me smile and somehow giving me some hopes.

I was scamming my resume for the post of lecturer in some local universities when this Head of Department from Uni XYZ promptly replied to my email saying that I should try for Uni ABC, knowing that the personnel from ABC contacted him just this week to look for people in Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering.

Walahhhh. So nice of him.

I then replied him telling that "a beggar can't be picky" and thanking him for the suggestion and again in split second he replied me back with another suggestion-

I have forwarded your application the current Head of Mechanical. It’s just XYZ just finished the recruitment round last few months and it will take some time for new batch to come in.I understand your situation. As of now, many universities will be willing to take lecturers. Try also DEF, GHI and JKL university. You can indeed be a little bit picky.

A random nice makcik that was willingly to guide me from Notre Dame all the way to de Lourve Museum in Paris last February.

Again, I was like "wow,so nice of this pakcik!!". I don't really put so much hope in becoming a lecturer though since it will be my last option because job hunting in my field of studies seems pretty frustrating these days. But yeah, finger crossed.

Anyway, can you see how sometimes a random stranger can really comfort and make you feel your being is very appreaciated whilst people that you care much sometimes just care about themselves as if you don't matter at all? (Gilalah ayat, pening. Faham tak murid2?)

To Ir. Dr-Stranger-Who-Has-A-Powerful-Words-Of-Comforting-Another-Stranger, I thanked you and may your rezeki will be murah sentiasa.

theblabber: Another random stranger that really has made my day is this girl named Maria Elena. She's fun, bubbly,smart, energetic, kelakar and semua lah ciri2 yang kaum lelaki will fall into. Too bad she's taken. Go check her video of Cikgu Sheda wannabe. She did that with class and of course,not annoying. The next Hanis Zalikha, I reckon ;)


saya afi. said...


aznee yunos said...

in real life, strangers always mcm menyakitkan hati jer tapi kalau in alam maya, strangers always gimme sumting precious.camana tu?

kan kan.. maria Elena mmg superb.
adore sgt kat dia =)

A E D A said...

maria elena was my senior back then in utp :P ( hahah lempang kang, itupun nak claim)

p/s: shud masukkan ciri cun melecun cantik kebabom utk dia. haha

theblabber. said...

i never know about her until today. she's original. i like it!! :)

thanks for the doa afida. so sweet of u.

aliaaroslan said...

boleh practice mock teaching dari harini.

theblabber. said...

saya garang tapi..hahahah

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