Cantikkkkkkkknya Dang Suria dalam On Air.

1. Tergerak hati nak tengok  rancangan On Air, lepas baca status Kak Sue ni. Anyway, Kak Sue dah tukar URL. Sila kelik sini untuk mengetahui update terkini tentang makan-makan.

2. Buka TV, terus setuju dengan apa yang Kak Sue cakap.

3. I even tweet about this, and get few RT(s). I iz happy. Hahaha.

4. Seriously Dang Suria, what makes you think you that you have the credit to bash on someone’s physical inadequacy? Why can't you just focus on the “hosting” thingy instead of judging their physical appearances.

5. Why did you stoop that much kak? You look fucking desperate to be another Simon Cowell? Do we really need that?

6. Oprah is also berisi, plump in English. She doesn’t have that look-as per your (read: Dang Suria) liking. Just so you know,  I never flipped channel whenever I watched her.  See, it's not about "the look" that matters, it’s all about the X Factor. Ellen is also not that cantik, but people still watch her.

7. I don’t get it why there are bunch of Malaysian ladies who trying  hard to be Angelina Jolie. Seriously girls, not all of you suit that pouty lips. That said, your lips are hideous, Dang Suria (if it’s not botox, then blame it on the make up technique).

8. And seeing bunch of hopeful people went to that audition, I can’t help but to applaud.  Having some experience emceed few events, I still couldn’t muster the guts to attend such audition.

9. Ok, enough ranting. It’s time to hit the sack. Harap tidak mimpi bibir sebentar lagi.

10. Selamat malam.

theblabber : Serious tak ingat Dang Suria ni dulu mengacara rancangan apa. Forgetful much. Mungkin dulu aku tukar channel kot bila tengok muka dia kat tv. Sebab apa tukar channel? Refer semula status FB kaksue tu. kuikui.