if only we know what the future holds (but we surely know who holds the future).

of late, aku rasa ketagih membaca satu blog ni. we've been following each other on twitter for quite some times, cuma baru-baru ni baru terfikir nak tanya whether she owns a blog or not.

reading through her old entries has somehow scare the shit of out me, thinking what would happen to me in next 7 years. (this came up in my head when i read her 2006 posts, when she was 29 years old, the same age as i am this year).

the next 7 years, I'll be 36 years old.

i wonder...

adakah aku masih single?

or probably i'll have rm36 millions in my bank account by that time.

ATAU mungkin sedang disoal mungkar dan nangkir. hmmm

ok, i know it's not necessarily to re-write what ive wrote on twitter, but for the sake of membaca-semua-blog-dalam-masa-tujuh-akan-datang, saya rasa ada kewajarannya apa yang saya buat ni. sesungguhnya, memang menyesal membuang entry-entry dari saya start menulis i.e tahun 2006

am typing this entry while layan-ing the nephew with his new toys that i bought (yeah, that was the first time i got him permainan). Ok now this budak dah bising ajak ke taman. nak jogging kata beliau. i love my saturday.