Antara perkara yang saya kurang gemar.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says "kesian kau", every fucking time I tell them my shitty life, or in other words my endless battle with "what I want" vs "what I deserve".

I got up early today and think I got plenty of time to kill before subuh hence the update of this marimerepek (fell aslept while whatsapp-ing friend who's currently onboard at some rig in the middle of nowhere) <-- point tak penting, but I feel like sharing. hewhewhew.

Well anyway, be careful with whom you guys share your problems with. Some might act as though they care afraid that we might be hurt should they ignore us. Some just don't bother. And some people are happy to know that we're actually having a difficult time.

Trust no one but your one dear self.

Ok, I hear azan. It's subuh now. Salam jumaat penuh barakah. Oh ya and happy deepavali to those who celebrate it.

(It's actually cool to update this blog using this apps. Kalau lah tahu lebih awal, tentu blog ni sentiasa berupdate (dengan sampah sarap, it is)).

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