The only reason I came to watch another Projek Disko Baldi's show last night is because of Sherry. She's forever my favorite.

But if they gonna keep repeating the same old songs, I think that's it kot. Of course I remember Babi's song. And not forgetting Pepe* song too. And that K-Pop so called parody is getting lame and boringgggggggzzzz. 

For those who never been to the show, go grab your ticket now. For the first timer, they gonna love this show and laugh their heart out. They got another last 2 shows today. (and yeah I agreed with Sherry, if you come to watch Projek Disko Baldi because of the ever feeling "high and mighty" Redza Minhat, you got no #teteksense. lol). 

Till then, enjoy.

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