Random Black and White of 2010.

As someone yang kononnya "no stereotype", (bajed bagus nih!! Haha) makanya aku buat entry tempek2 gambar saja rather than citer pasal resolusi itu ini mahupun pengalaman pahit dan manis sepanjang 2010. Blurghhh. Anyways ini adalah amaran: Entry ini sangat panjang. Sangat2. Agak2 boleh hilang fokus, cepat2 klik tanda pangkah dekat right upper most itu.

Working my ass off.
Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.
Iyad reciting du'a.
I also don't know where am I in this photo.
Good friend who is also a good cook.
Exam was just around the corner.
Once in a blue moon.
Madam Tussauds.
Snow from my room.
Scrumptious briyani in Manchester.
Loch Ness- where the people believe a big naga is in the lake.
Organizing raya open house with a friend.
Edinburgh Festival.
First attempt of making donut. Looks can be deceiving though ;)
Prague- Czech Republic. Frankly, I have never heard of Prague until I been there last April. Pardon my ignorance.
Summer time, which is not so summer in Edinburgh.
The 600 years old Prague Astronomical Clock.
They made this souvenir from the collapsed Berlin wall. It's freaking mahal here.
A very unique traffic light in Berlin. Anyways, I heart Berlin of all the places I've traveled.
The remaining of Berlin Wall.
Windmills in Kinderjik, Rotterdam. All the 19 windmills aged hundreds years old are listed in World Heritage List of UNESCO.
Tulips farm in Keukenhoff, Amsterdam. The only picture with no black and white effect. (Else, you won't be able to see the colorful tulips in the pic. Hehe)
Our cheap motel in Amsterdam.
A year of blissful and happiness deep down within. A bunch of new lovable friends that always been helpful. And of course, year of valuing experiences-which is something money can't buy.

Resolution? I do have mine, but let's just see whether God will permit it or not.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

theblabber: Looking forward to be tougher, physically and mentally.
P/S: Told you, panjang kan?


Hazelsyd said...

Assalamualaikum miezi,

LIKE this entry so much! nice way of putting a year of memories in an entry, and looked like u sure had a wonderful time there! time of your life!

chayyok dude for your new job!

bEtTy said...

Kuih donat in black & white dah nampak macam Kuih Keria dah..

Happy New Year Miezi!

vict said...

apesai mermaid mcm ada kaki je.

btw, heppee new year....

bakisz said...

i suka sgt kali nih pny n3 =)

theblabber. said...

betty,kak hazel, bro vict and bakisz..
happy new year,all!! :)

aznee yunos said...

being me yg suka komen tak berapa kna mengena ngan entri

i only pnah dgar Prague sbb tengok Lovers in Prague (korean series)


Chooyaya! said...

pandai buat kuih donat = sexy and omel !

and bunga tulips tu. aku harap dapat guling2 kat atas dia one day.

p/s: i suka fahmi

Aien said...

dari atas, gambar ke 3,12,14,dan 19 sangat cantik! happy new year :)

Afida Anuar said...

Gmbar tu tutup hidung pasai ketiak dia busuk ka? hehe..

selamat tahun baru bro..moga berjaya capai cita2...moga berjaya jadi lecturer..

Ju Asu Ra said...

iyad is soooo cuteeeee......

theblabber. said...

selamat tahun baru :) yg baik2 saja utk tahun depan,inshaAllah

Ann said...

i pon pernah dgr prague tp dri citer jepun..:) igtkan sebuah negara, rupenya sebahagian dri chezh republic...

cntik ar prague..

weed something out said...


FARYN said...

woooo.. aku mengidam nak pegi prague..

happy new year,semoga thn baru akan beri lebih banyak keindahan untuk ko :)

Candleberries said...

love pic #6

theblabber. said...

love too. i miss miss miss!!