Dedicate to those who are yet to be explored (and exposed).

Have you ever in your life, met some one with such a big talent but never be exposed to the real world? The hidden talent that no body knows except God and themselves.

Sebelum aku merepek panjang lagi, terlebih dahulu syukur kepada Tuhan kerana tiada lagi komen anonymous yang kononnya malas nak log-in padahal dah delete blog pasal hmm, eh, aku pun tak tahu pasal apa. Mungkin anonymous dah belajar "kenapa perlu aku terasa kalau itu bukan ditujukan untuk aku". Buka mata, luaskan minda, lapangkan dada, dik. (Objektif men"italic"kan perenggan ni??)

Ok. Sambung. I do feel down every time I compared myself with someone who are better than me in the thing that I lack of. I'm not good in sport, I can't sing, I'm not that brainy etc. This is all completely futile, because if I am able to think positively, I have my own talent or specialty that not everyone has. I still yet to find the hidden talent which I believe is stored somewhere within me. InshaAllah if God permits, I'm sure gonna find it very soon.

Well, actually (so Malaysian English kan?? haha) I found a video of another random stranger (another stranger has enlightened my day weyy!!) while browsing youtube and heck, these two lads deserve a better place in Malaysia entertainment business. I'm talking about this duo called Hayad. Their soothing voices really brought me away terawang2 diangkasa sambil thinking of someone dan berangan2 yang indah2 belaka. Sedap giler!!

Mari kita berkawan.Jangan kau malu-malu.
This also pretty much remind me of a good friend, Iffa who has such a beautiful voice and yet end up wasting money entertaining herself in RedBox. Haha. Everytime pun kalau pergi karaoke, aku suruh dia menyanyi sebab sebagai seorang bersuara sumbang, malu lah nak menyanyi depan dia. She tried her luck in One In a Million, ended up Top 40 (I personally think she's way better than Shila anak ND Lala and of course much much better than the winner itself). There's always a reason why she rejected Julfekar's (hope I get the name right) offers of becoming the recording singer. The grass is greener on the other side, hopefully.

As a weak being, I believe we do sometime think that life treating us badly unfair thinking that we deserve more than what the other does. Hmm..Rather than regretting of the past and fretting about the future, why don't we just embrace everything that we have now before we lose them. We are unique in our own way and as I said earlier on, just go figure the special you. Time will tell definitely, but don't give up searching.

Well, this whole entry is some sort of self-reminder to myself. Stop whining, head up and enjoy being myself. After all, life is too short to over-think of something unnecessary.

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aina hazuani said...

ok sumpah sedap

theblabber. said...

i don't recommend rubbish yow. haha

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww ~
*shed my tears*

Jom gi karaoke :)

Peminat Katie Holmes said...

yeah, stop whining and enjoy.

by the way. i keep wondering how on earth perempuan tua is so confident saying both of us is not handsome.hahaha

Ju Asu Ra said...

ok.sudah jatuh hati dgn lagu nih..

Maya Ariffin said...

likey! I linked and quoted.

theblabber. said...

best kan depa? :)

talkwithmykeyboard said...

two thumbs up..=)

Anonymous said...

Aggree!i loike tis entry