Entry jiwang. Geli.Jangan baca!!

Often in my monotonous-boring life, I ask myself "is there anyone missing me as bad as I miss that someone?"

I truly feel blessed if there is any.

On the other hand, have you guys ever wonder why the government campaign on saying no to cigarettes has never work but it turn out to be a massive wastage instead? They should instead of "Katakan TAKNAK kepada rokok", replace it with "Katakan MAHU pada rokok".

See, how the reverse psychology really works here?

So, if you ever told someone your top secret, don't warned him/her not to tell others about it, say out loud "p la habaq kat depa rasia cheq ni. Cheq tak kisah" instead.

Try it out, and let me know yeah :)

And now I'm asking you, how many of you reading this cheesy-lame-wasting-time entry even though I have warned you earlier? Hehe. Don't get mad, my friends. Am trying to ease your monday blues. Chill.

Anyways, happy working everyone!!


♥CIK SHA♥ said...

haha..aku la yg sebok nak baca tu..santapan pagi sbelum memulakan kerja..

Maya Ariffin said...

Oh yeah.. i read this at 8.50am pathetic Monday. With a singer inside my head sang an Ungu's song, very loud and clearly.. Dang!

Haisshh.. since mangun pagi tadi, the player inside my head stucked @ this song.

zyr zh said...

I read this :(

baincardin said...

Demam HDR dah kembali! jom rilex layan....^_^

aina hazuani said...

hahaha dem

Candleberries said...

reverse psychology always works!

theblabber. said...

cik sha..
haha..semoga kenyang dengan santapan ini.

I love Ungu, kak!!

zyr zh..

cantik gambar2 bain.


I dun miss you!! (reverse) pyscho-ing you. haha

- said...

aku dah bape hari tak senyum ni,mate lak bengkak macam amoy cine je.tapi entri ni memang mengong tul la, time ade loghat kedah (kot) tu la tak tahan,tegelak beso aku, HAHA!