Reminiscing is not good.

I started off my journey this morning listened to this song, thanks to the radio.

I smiled. And I sang along. And I smiled again.

Yeah, reminiscing is not good, but I guess everyone can't help it.

Oh, on a different note, I like it when it's time adik-adik cuti sekolah. Traffic is so smooth and less time wasted on the road. Adik-adik, cuti lah sekolah lama-lama eh, abang suka. Online study je, senang.

Ok, it's lame (I know) and I'd better pen off now before somebody puking blood nauseating reading this.

Night, friends!

theblabber: Missing the old me these days. Strange, no?


A E D A said...

Well I nvr saw it coming, I should've started running a long long time ago :)

Lagu yg kejut tidur since last few years, and I feel good!

theblabber. said...

And when you slammed the front door shut,a lot of others opened up.

me feeling good too!and i keep smiling. hehe

tintasutra said...

on the contrary, there is nothing wrong abt missing ur old self. there is something to cherish. i do at times missed my old life eventhoug i know i can no longer go back

Mr PenyuBiru said...

bagi aku, musim coti sekolah atau tak, takde beza seba aku keje bukan opis hour. :D