I'm not a wussy to easily sulk over everything.

Every time I get mad at something, I prefer to remain silent. But I'm a wee tad vexed when certain people mistakenly interpret the silent as sulky. It's freaking annoying!

I believe by remaining silence,I could abstain myself from saying something inappropriate and nasty. But when somebody accused me being sulked, I somehow will say something defensive.

I know I shouldn't retaliate in the first place,but I can't tolerate ignorant people. The only way to shut them up is by slapping them in the face, and most of the time, harsh words will do! And why should be responsible for other people grievance kan? Pergi lah ************!

Hmm...grammar aside, I'd prefer to write in English whenever I am angry. It makes it sounds less harsh and rude.

And hopefully it does this time.

Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be.

Night, friends!!


Zulfikar Hazri said...

dilema besar tu...senyap org ckp merajuk. bercakap org ckp kurang ajar.

tak bercakap plak org ckp tak habis2 merajuk...tampor je lah senang.

afrohead said...

bak kata KRU, "diam adalah pintar"

A E D A said...

there are times when silence has the loudest voice

Zoe said...

ye,baik kita diam dari menyakitkan hati orang