Why does "kepochi" has to exist in every workplace?

As much as I try not to bitch about my work in this blog, I just couldn't help it but to talk about "kepochi". What is actually a "kepochi"? Is it a noun? A verb? Or it's actually refer to a person?

Never in my life did I encounter this group of people until I worked with this current company few months ago. It was fine at first, but it's getting annoying when I get to know that some of them are actually interested in other people's life more than their own.

What gets me riled up is actually to reply to the questions that they already knew the answer. "Eh, you lunch dengan Adriana Lima ke tadi?". Wasn't it obvious girl, with whom I went out with? The same girl even asked last week "you dengan Andriana Lima tu ada apa-apa ke?" or something like "eh Adriana, you tak bosan ke selalu lunch dengan the blabber?" They even asked Adriana Lima "eh, tunang you tak marah ke you lunch dengan the blabber?". Tunang Adriana Lima sendiri takde hal, mengapa pula orang lain yang berlebih-lebihan? 

And for some, those questions seem never ending. 

To my surprise, this only not plaguing (if I may use this word correctly) among Malay colleagues, but other races as well. And it's not only among ladies, but also involve a young guy. Some may be care, to which I really appreciate but to be extra care is indeed suffocating. Some may be curious, but entahlah. I don't know how should I put this.

Well, they need to know that this condescending attitude not only "kekampungan" (even some of kampung folks are living a classy lifestyle nowadays) but also sangat menyedihkan. It defnitely won't endear themselves to anyone. Being socially awkward doesn't mean I'm sombong ke apa, but I would prefer to do thing with whom I feel comfortable. Else, I prefer to do it all by myself. Alone.

Question is, why do these people exist? Kat opis korang ada juga ke?

Atau orang hot memang sentiasa menjadi topik perbualan? *larrrrrikkkkkkkk laju-laju sampai pokok sena.