Tempeyek (or rempeyek) Perempuan Cantik.

So they say, to be happy, think happy thoughts. And do something that make you feel happy. For now, the only thing that could make me feels happy is munching mom's tempeyek/rempeyek. (anyway, is there any different between tempeyek and rempeyek? Biaq p lah).

Just so you all know (not that it's important for you to know, but I feel like sharing),  every year during Remdan, Perempuan Cantik received lot of order for her tempeyek from relatives and friends (that also includes our friends). I don't know to describe how sedap it is, but the crunchiness of the tempeyek is beyond compare. Gitu.

Since im so baik hati today (and nothing much to do while waiting for iftar),  am gonna share with you the recipe of the tempeyek. Sharing is caring no? And I feel happy to share something good that also could benefit others. And I hope other people would feel happy too. So here goes.

The ingredients.

1) Sedikit tepung sagu
2) 1 paket tepung beras
3) Garam
4) 1 biji kelapa
5) Jintan manis, ketumbar, bawang putih, jintan putih (the amount/quantity is based on your guts feeling. hewhewhew)
6) 1 biji telur
7) Sedikit air kapur.
8) Sedikit kasih sayang

You need to blend all item no 5, and then mix them all together with item 1,2,3,4 (i think mom refer this kelapa to "coconut milk"),6, 7 and yes,you bet item no 8.

Then goreng.

Simple no?

Remember to cook with love, ok?

Ok, that's all for now.
This is mom's recipe book that has been serving her for more than 20 years. Oh here, you can also see the recipe of kuih semperit on top of the tempeyek's. 

Selamat mencuba dan selamat berbuka puasa!!

P/S: I feel like Charlie in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" writing like this.