Impulsive buying/purchase.

I have this bad habit of buying something I don't really need, and it's unplanned. Whenever I stroll at the mall, I will remind myself not to buy something unnecessary, but normally when stress strikes, I forget what I have remind myself earlier.

Was looking to get a new toilet doors yesterday, as to replace the old ones. Reput dan dah terkopak. Went to this one kedai with Perempuan Cantik, and we agreed to get this 3 pintu at affordable price when I suddenly gatal tanya amoi kedai tu "you ada jual gate sekali ka?"

So instead of only getting new doors for the toilets, I ended up terbeli pintu pagar sekali.

I don't mind to pay (hutang credit card, you bet), but that face of Perempuan Cantik at that time when I asked "nak ke?" is ultimately priceless. Happy mom is happy.

And yes, I believe that impulsive buying happened when once again pang of distress strikes, and shopping is always a good therapy, no?

Before we left the kedai, I told mom "doakan dapat kerja kat company T".