"Dia ni macam bagus lah. Menggelabah"

There is no other reason why someone should hate you even though you did nothing bad or hurt them other than jealousy.
So, if you ever encountered such conversation of the abovesaid title, as per Amir Hafizi pedulik taik saja. If they're bagus enough, sure they won't say such lame things. Someone on the peak of success won't say "kau ni macam bagus" to the ones who at the bottom. It's just weird.

Loser will always be loser.

So why bother?

theblabber: I guess this time around, someone anonymously will comment accusing me labeling him/her a loser.

P/S: Congrats Malaysia.


cimut munniey :) said...

loser loser double loser as if get the picture duh :) ayat dlm movie clique :) HIHI

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

err.it only hurts when start pretending it doesn't.

tahniah malaysia

mat dan mina said...


Amalina dan Benda Kecil said...
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Amalina dan Benda Kecil said...

aku dah curi gambar ni dalam post ni.malas pulak nak tunggu ko reply bagi permission aku amik gambar.thx.

theblabber. said...

bukan aku punya. amek je lah :)

eni said...

best2.... hehe.. sempoi..