Sakae Sushi, Starbucks and Secret Recipe all within 6 hours.

The tajuk pretty much summarized how we spent the day out yesterday. Knowing Kak Sue (panggil akak ni, hipokrit gila. Haha) and her blog is all about foods, it wasn't any surprised that we spent most of the time in kedai makan!! Haha.

Well actually, I know her long ago, since 2009 or maybe 2008. Long before i deleted the previous entry. We've been communicate through emails, saying "hi" and do other stuff that pen friend does best.

Other than kedai makan, we also went to Aquaria. Haha. For God's sake, all of the places, Aquaria? Very educational kind of outing, that was! Haha. It wasn't in the initial plan actually, but I get bored spending time looking and observing people while sipping our coffee at Starbuck (ramai gila pak arab kat Malaysia nowadays ek?) that I suddenly suggest that we spend our time appreciating those kehidupan laut.
Being golongan marhaen, I can't remember the name of each and every meal kat Sakae Sushi ni.

We're not supporting Yahudi people, nor being ignorance, just that it's the best place to drench the thirst.

Ikan hodoh berwajah konfiden di Aquaria.

Final pit stop, Secret Recipe. I been longing to eat Chocolate Indulgence, but I ended up terorder mi kari sekali. Haha.

So that was that. Tapi kan, sekuat-kuat makan pun Choyaya, dia pun surrender tengok kekuatan aku makan. Makan banyak, but hardly gain weight. Envy me people!! I get used of it.

Oh, I'm sure will not turn down any invitation of makan-makan or outing in the future, but bare in mind, I don't seek a temporary friendship. Once we befriend, forever you're my friend.

Hmm.. Red Velvet anyone?


Chooyaya! said...

kuat makan giler seperti bersahabat dengan jin atau apekah?

kakchik@ella said...

Ye ye .. saya envy awak sbb saya yo-yo. hehe ..

FrEE tHinkER said...

tumpang lalu dan klik follow. jemput2 lah singgah umah

Siti Nornadiah said...

red velvet! delicious jom!

theblabber. said...

next time kita pergi dgn sazli sekali :), bila dia free

haha. i wanted to gain weight!!

biar betoi nama free thinker bro? anyways, thanks avd very much appreciated. insyaAllah akan singgah :)

siti nornadiah..
jom jom..takde hal. siti nornadiah belanja saya..hehe ;)

Ju Asu Ra said...

pehh..besarnya tangki..

theblabber. said...

haha..macam ada jin dalam perut ni!!

Siti Nornadiah said...


boleh boleh tapi kene tgu awal bulan. amacam? :P

tapi a/s/l dulu bahahah zaman mirc betul..