Saya mahu ini.

While waiting for Kak Sue to arrive, I've managed to flip through 10 pages of this book-Happiness in Hard Time by Andrew Matthews and I am so in love with the content. I found it not only a very good reading but also worth your 50 bucks!

Those who are so kind-heartedly, you are welcome to "give away" this book to me.Haha. Oh, this pretty much reminds me of the give away I did two years back for the Don't Sweat The Small Stuff book. (nowadays giveaway come with syarat2 y'all. Later I wanna do it too,but you have to tag 100 people, can you?hahah). I do hope the two of them can benefit from the books I gave.

Again for those berhati mulia, I want the abovesaid book, please!! *batting eyelashes*

Will update more about the dating meeting with Kak Sue, but for now I'm very tired and in need of good sleep.

Till then, salam.

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