Other than lady in baju kurung with heels,I also have a soft spot for people with husky voice.

It's not about the money, money, money 
We don't need your money, money, money 
We just wanna make the world dance.

Oh really? Nak keluar rumah aku pun kena bayar tol RM1.30 weh. If it's really not about the money,then Jessi J should sell her album for free,right people?

I still think money can somehow buy happiness.

mohdbinabu: Listen to the kids as they're freaking awesomely talented.Subhanallah, indah sungguh ciptaan Tuhan,kan?


SUXX said...

tgh musim youtube skrg. takperlu lg akedemi semua tu. nt adalah Bintang Youtube.

afrohead said...

tak silap aku akademi pun buat audition pakai youtube jugak haritu..

fatinizzati said...

dah pernah dengar madi jane? shes a kid too

kirei girl said...

suare yg best..=) suke2..tengs...

micro.cuts said...

bo derek cakap whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. hehe.

T said...

Call me naive or romantic, but I don't think money, per se, can buy happiness. It's how you earn the money and use the money that can bring you happiness.

For example, if you are doing a good job (whether 9-5 job, or being a writer or an artist, etc) and get compensated for it, you would feel good. On the other hand, if your parent or your spouse makan rasuah or merompak and give you the money, you might not feel so good about the money, you might even feel disgusted about it.

On another tangent, you could be working hard day and night making million and buy everything money can buy for your family; but you never use that money to take time off to spend time with your kid or spouse or really get to know them. The family is miserable while wearing designers clothes, and you are miserable because you are working hard and your family doesn't appreciate it.

My point is the amount of money does not equal the amount of happiness you will have, but you should always try to use the money you have to expand your happiness and the people around you. Guess what? I love money myself.

intansidek said...

have to agree on that one mohdbinabu... money is indeed VERY important.. hehe... been reading your blog for quite some time now... nice POV on certain issues btw... keep it up!

Weirdo said...

nak pegi toilet pun cost 30cent! kan!

Kap said...

Youtube, tempat bintang...
...dan juga sampah.

mohdbinabu said...

jom masuk Bintang Youtube..untung2 boleh glamour.LOL

luas sungguh pengetahuan anda ;)

pernah. biasa-biasa je.not to my liking.hehe

kirei girl..
welcome anytime!!

bo derek msut be someone who shopped a lot!!hehe

hence the word 'somehow' there..hehehe

tq intansidek :)

true that.nothing is really free.

pilihan di tangan anda.pilihlah dengan bijak.

A E D A said...

haha I was about to promote this video masa baca tajuk entry, tak sangka mmg u letak video ni LOL

should watch his bro pulak, xsilap tajuk die " I stalk ur profile". best! (tho suara dia xhusky & he's a man) haha

mohdbinabu said...

yup, watched it yesterday. his brother aziz pun talented :)

hanaahmad said...

bdk2 dr Brunei ni sgt cool. cuba tgk Jazz Hayat pulak. sibling dorg klo x slp lagu I Stalk Ur Profile.

Marissa said...

Zero never satisfy me.. and thousands never make me happy... Then I learned a lesson, it's all about your perception... - India Arie.

Duit itu penting utk hidup, tapi kejar duit adalah seperti macam minum air laut sampai bila pun tak akan hilangkan haus.

yeah.. it's not about money. i tak agree dengan Jessie J tapi i agree dengan konsep zuhud. huhuhuhuhu... pis yo! :p