Ranting on a scorching Saturday.

I do think some people who claims to 'dapat hidayah' are sometimes go a bit extreme-showing off the ibadah they do,preaching as if we don't know the things they just knew and worst is they always see 'bad things' about others. To a certain point,they even try HARD to tell the world "lihatlah dunia,aku sudah berubah".

Relaks sudah..

I see a lot of kids these days trying hard to troll their ass off. Trying to be another Obefiend. I don't mind,really. Don't even give a damn. But whenever you wanna troll something,make sure you are NOT teasing about someone's physical inadequacy. Kau gemok, kau huduh, kau hitam.Budak-budak je yang gaduh main ejek-ejek style camni.

Dan mengenangkan hanya budak-budak saja yang main 'ejek mengejek' ni, why don't you learn first the art of trolling before making yourselves another laughing stock?

Betul, beggar can't be any picky. But being offered the same fiddling amount as what I used to get 2 years ago (and that was using my degree) is very much frustrating. I hate it when most of Malaysian companies have the thought that a master/phd holder MUST end up being a lecturer.

And you ask me to kutip pengalaman dulu and such. But pengalaman alone can't pay my bills though.

I hate it when certain people can't really keep their PROMISE. Whenever you promise to someone, you are indirectly giving HOPE. And when that someone is highly hope for your promise, they will WAIT.

And waiting is no fun!
Can you see the flow when you have promised something to someone?

Ok, enough ranting and raging. Anyone have seen Pirates of Carribean? Any good? I think we gonna miss Knightley flat chest, don't we?

UPDATES: It's raining heavily now. Yay.alhamdulilah.


EZAN IDMA said...

alhamdulillah :)

Jangan Berharap pada janji, ia menyakitkan :)

Alia said...

Saying shit about someones physical appearance is just so sad. It's so obvious that they don't possess the intelligence to construct a legit argument.

Tapi selalunya kalau orang kutuk someones appearance, maknanya dia seorang yang low self-esteem. You wanna make yourself feel superior by criticizing others.

Sebenarnya, ramai jugak yang tak suka budak yang aku retaliated dlm blog aku tu yek? Hahah..mana den taauuu

Anyhow, kau post graduate ke?

Rye the X-Superpornstar said...

pasal troll

like thousand times!

tak suka troll tak kesah la kau cerita bab apa pun..

sebab bila kita troll orang means kita perasan kita bagus dari orang tu..

bila perasan, anda adalah loser..

nuff said.

oh nudra said...

stuju jgak kt troll. well, human is human. never enaf of getting smthng. neva thankful tho.

sok p tgk lanun!

shasha said...

Owh i hate waiting..1hr is maximum..then babai...lepas tu saya cuba takkan deal apa2 dgn org yg sama..

Kap said...

toll=no good.
flat chest=no good, good good very good, tarik misai keluar janggut.

trolling here :)

mohdbinabu said...

tidak berharap, hanya menanti.

you know you lose when you start teasing someone physical disabilities/deficiency.And I think it's not worth our time to retaliate those prepubescent kids.

Yup, I'm a post grad.

I don't mind people perasan bagus, but bear in mind they're people who literally really good out there. And whenever you wanna troll about something,make sure to have a strong/witty point to counter back any feedback. Else,your troll is worth rubbish.

lanun is not a good choice, my verdict

If only they know the agony of waiting.

tq :)

FUZ.QYM.Y said...

bab hidayah tu aku tak tahu kau refer untuk siapa.

Tapi bila lihat bob lokman dan sham kamikaze punya video dalam pautan dr.asri.

aku suka.

mohdbinabu said...

ok.nnt aku tgk video dari pautan dr.asri

afrohead said...

kaum perempuan yang bernama Nur Hidayah ataupun Siti Hidayah rilek je. tak payah kecoh-kecoh pun.

T said...

I cannot stand holier-than-thou people and that include people who just found hidayah or just found jesus. Instead of preaching, they should just go out and provide sincere help and support to those in needs regardless of the race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. At the same time, don't judge/call others as "sinners." If they can do that, then others can really appreciate their hidayah.

mohdbinabu said...

tidak terkecuali kaum lelaki bernama Mohd Hidayat, mungkin?

u got my point.Bingo!! :)

aLepfugazi said...

Agony. Hahaha.