Why would a husband feels insecure of his wife ex boyfriend?

Why would a husband feels insecure of his wife ex boyfriend?

Prolly (and obviously) he envies the ex. Envy of something that he doesn't have that belong to the ex.

But he married to that girl. He wins.Why would he still have that insecurity feelings?
The husband afraid the wife might fall for her ex again.

Isn't it make he sounds a wee bit loser?
I better not answer this.

Well, they should know each other very well. I mean,they're married.They should love and trust the spouse full heartedly.
Yeah they should. But I think it's normal to doubt a bit of everything around. Then again,trust no one but yourself.

They love each other,there's no way for the wife to fall for her ex again.
You are no God to say that.

Do you think an ex can befriend with his married ex girlfriend?
Depends. But if the husband is someone who easily gets jealous almost to everything, you better don't. Not everyone can be rational.

So you suggest me to stay away from the them?
You know better. I can't decide on your behalf.

Best man wins?
Yes, but nice guys finish last. And life goes on, with or without the girlfriend.

Ok, enough with today counseling session. To know further,go ask the husband himself lah.


aLy said...

mungkin boleh apply juga untuk:
Why would a wife feels insecure of her husband ex girlfriend?

wafeex said...

Best man wins?
Yes, but nice guys finish last. And life goes on, with or without the girlfriend.

malangnya, ini kebenaran.

A E D A said...

yes, love everybody but trust nobody :p

My Aisy said...

jeles tanda sayang kan? em...

Kap said...

cara yang MUNGKIN lebih baik:

si ex (lelaki) jauhkanlah diri dari ex dia (perempuan) yang dah berkahwin tu.
beri mereka peluang bersama, adapt ruang hidup baharu.
macam kau cakap, "nice guys finish last."
pepatah Melayu berbunyi, "kalaulah jodoh tidak ke mana."

peace aman, brother.

Lady RaRa non-illuminati said...

same thing goes with the wives..

aku rasa bini mana pun agak tak selesa gak kalau laki baik-baik lagi dengan x-gf..tambah2 kalau x-gf tu single lagi

dan lebih malang lagi kalau x-gf ni ialah first love si suami..

first love lasts forever!


masih ada 3 tempat kosong! you shud watch your husband like a hawk!

T said...

You should start charging people :-)

About the topic in hand, I bet she already know how the husband feels about her relationship with her ex, but she's trying to get a second opinion. I understand it's hard to just cut from your life the person who used to be part of your life. But you gotta choose your battle. You can try to make your husband understand that there's nothing romantic between you and your ex, you can even let them be friends, they might click. But if he's still not comfortable with it, just let go of your ex, and focus on the man you're with right now. You had your time with your ex, he was there to help you becoming the person you are now. Except now, he only exists in your memory, and nothing more.

theblabber said...

Applicable juga,mungkin :)

it is.

yeah. you have your ownself to reply after all.

my aisy..
betul!! hehe

not everything is as easy as what we say and think. But it worth trying kan for the sake of happier life.

first cut is the deepest,kata orang kampung aku. Hahah

U too should start charging people. I like the way you think :)

W. Hidney said...

kadang jealousy is good. but not too much sampai rosak rumah tangga. jealous maknanya sayang...

kakchik@ella said...

bcos the hsband feels that it's easy for the wife to fall in love again to the ex. org kata .. kenangan dgn 1st bwa smpai mati dik.