Ni soalan ikhlas daripada abam untuk kalian semua.

Macam mana ya kita nak rasa kemanisan dalam solat? Sebab abam rasa solat abam takda efek apa-apa.

Bila tanya kawan, dia cakap "tak ikhlas kot?".

Tapi tulah, kalau tak ikhlas abam tak buat.

Camna eh?

Ikhlas bertanya,


vanilla said...

Iman ada turun naik, kan.

kadang bila tengok something yang buat kita ingat tuhan (tak semestinya solat) kemanisan tu datang balik.

fatimah mohamad said...

Lupa nak sambung komen tadi..

Anyway...thanks bnyk2 sebab kembali menulis...rindu giler kot ko tulis kat blog ni... Hahahahah....

Silalah rajin2 menulis.. honestly speaking, your writing memang ada "jiwa" gitu.

MY Sara said...

Salam, selalu baca tapi baru rasa nak komen. Harap bermanfaat

Im guessing u are a thinker based on your blog entries. Maybe that is the problem because im a thinker too (as in tends to overthink). And I had my moment where the very same question came to mind.

The answer for me was : live your life. I came to realize that I felt those sorts of hollow and emptiness (even questioning why solat didnt remedy that) because I had abandoned my family, friends and work at that time. Not physically but I just dont connect with them the way I used to anymore, at that time.

So if you are in the same situation as I was, my advise is, try reconnecting with your life. If u have unfulfilling job, find a cause to keep u motivated. Organize something with family and friends to keep them close to your heart. Then, u'll find the sweetness of solat, total submission, a sweet break from a full life to express gratitude to Allah Almighty.

When solat is a place to moan about what a sorrow our life is, it's hard to taste the sweetness. After all Islam is about balance, here and hereafter.

So make the best of our life here despite the challenges that we are facing. Have faith and be resilient and we will go a long way.

All the best ya

p/s: it is not unusual for thinkers to be like this. Doers get drunk/trashed themselves in difficult situation. Thinkers get holed up worrying about thousands of things, do nothing and complaining a lot in their mind. Been there ;)

Paksu said...

Sometimes aku pun rasa camtu gak. Then I remember (or at least try to remind myself) the saying, nak buat baik memang malas. Buat je walaupun rasa terpaksa. Sampai satu hari, hopefully dah tak rasa terpaksa dah.

Jangan kecam saya pulak hehe...