Another random stranger y'all!!

Remember when I said about how random strangers that has enlightened my day? And today, I found another unknown-person-but-I-do-read-her-blog and I feel very gratitude and happy, of what she did to me (literally. haha).

Thanks Alia for having this merepek blog bookmarked. Haha. And no, this is no ass-licking too. Atleast your writing has ease a bit my ke"malu"an of being terlebih peramah to a friend.

And yes people, when I say unique, she is one of the definition of unique-and this is again no jilat bontot.

Enjoy reading hers, everyone!! You won't regret any second you spend on it :)


♥CIK SHA♥ said...

jilat bontot??haha..macam lawak je statement tu..

afrohead said...

she write good btw :)